November 21, 2014


Zach Klein/ Proph3cY is a Recording Artist originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. His name symbolizes a unique story (he was born with 3 fingers on his right hand). In turn, his differences contained an undeniable prophecy– a message to “embrace what makes you unique”. The young artist’s music illustrates a fresh and truthful perspective on the modern world. He balances between lyrics that are true to his experience, and an original jazzy blues style that dictates its own lane. “When it’s all said and done, making songs that people love is the most rewarding feeling I’ve experienced. The one thing I can hope for is that I’m remembered for who I am and what I end up doing with popular culture.  I’ve worked hard for my official sound, and it continues to be a daily process. It takes a lot of expanding and trying something that feels awkward at first. Allowing the uncomfortable to soon feel comfortable is an underlying basis you’ll find in many of my songs because its what I’ve had to relearn my entire life”. Now, in 2017, The 23 year old artist currently lives in Los Angeles, and working on his debut EP, “Coastline”.

Proph3cY grew up in the middle of two completely different worlds, which heavily influences the content of his music. On one side of town there’s  Atherton, one of the wealthiest cities in the country. On the other side is East Palo Alto, a much more deprived ghetto,where crime rate was the highest in the country at one time. He lived in Menlo Park, located between those polar opposite environments. Throughout middle school and high school, he formed relationships with a massive mixture of people from these areas.

“I learned to respect the struggles and hardships of people I met who were less fortunate while also seeing how the wealthy kids were much more conceited, taking their situations in life for granted. This initially motivated me to design material that encourages self-value/improvement of the less fortunate, while attempting to show the inherently wealthy the bigger picture of our reality.”

Proph3cY started creating music at a young age, playing trumpet in his middle school band and even learned a bit of guitar.

“I’ve always really liked playing the ukulele and jamming out with my brother who had one too. I started to play the trumpet because I always loved jazz and it was easier for my hand as well, but luckily I could strum the strings too”

At 15, Klein’s older brother showed him various different House Artists that eventually inspired him to produce his own beats, starting off with Mashups and EDM. These productions quickly evolved into hip-hop once he discovered his true love for writing lyrics. After experimenting with different sounds and recording a catalog of music, Klein decided to try honing in on his music production skills with “Taste of Time” in 2012, an all original EDM/ Hip-Hop album which featured various rappers and vocal artists in his area. That same year Klein placed Top 5 as a finalist in the Great American Song Competition for his song “3 Digits”, discussing his hand deformity from the moment he was born, and how it’s impacted his ability to face certain realities growing up as a child. The competition featured over 10,000 entries from amateur songwriters around the world. He placed finals once again the following year for his hit song titled “The Interview.”

Realizing his passion for MC’ing and producing Hip Hop music, he continued producing his own music in his dorm room closet. After finishing his freshman year at Chico State, Klein spent the 2013 summer in Los Angeles where he assembled the rest of his first all Hip- Hop compilation titled “9 Months,” a 12-song mix tape discussing college experiences, emerging self- identity, and life endeavors. He started making his own beats increasingly, which were featured on his next 8 Song EP Undefined Grind. In early 2013, Klein co-founded a production company called “Blowout Productions”, reeling in a strong college demographic through a number of events. He managed to start developing a fan base in Chico.

Heavily influenced by artists such as J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, Biggie, and Eminem, Proph3cY has been able to combine many different styles and attributes from each to create his own unique sound. His music has a tendency to draw emotion, mainly because of his ability to paint a clear picture with his story-filled lyrics.

“My music is about developing a way to find love in all experiences you may have in life, thus being able to love those around you. It’s all about expanding above the basic picture and being able to see how other people appear to be “brainwashed” to act the ways they do. I’m always preaching to find yourself, and then be it.”

Recently releasing his work, “The Crystals EP” last November 2015, the young has only begun to touch the surface of what his true prophecy really is.

“Our civilization has come so far from what we used to be thousands of years ago. The complete unity in love we lost, the judgments, and the social media we’ve created to promote such beliefs are making their progressions at this very moment, however I see an extremely bright light at the end of this tunnel. Music like mine has been growing and inspiring our generation to make positive strides daily. People are at the beginning of really working up to the fact that it’s time to preserve our physical and mental well being or the end route is less than favorable. Its time to dig within ourselves and lift the veil of egotism. My music is the way I’m communicating this message. That’s my prophecy, and even more so, what I’ve considered to be a “Proph3cY” with my hand also reminding me every day, since the day that I was born, that I’m imperfect and so is everyone else to some extent. This “gift”, which I thought was a curse a majority of my early life, allowed me to ultimately start accepting what’s real.”